a hurricain entered my house 2018

I trace an intimate journey through the process of my pregnancy and birth of my daughter in 2017. Other intimate transformations were added shortly after, such as moving from Mexico City to live in Madrid, and the gender transition of my partner between 2018 and 2020. The resulting hurricane transformed everything in its path, including my way of understanding and approaching the artistic process. Hurricane is flesh of the wind, book of the night, (M.)ap to cut the winds and mediumistic knowledge (women who think with their body).


flesh of the wind

Flesh of the wind is an investigation between drawing and body. I made eleven drawings with organic matter. I made a handful of brushes made with found branches and my own hair. These actions were an incantation to return to my body after the first years of motherhood.


book of the night

The book of the night is an intervention a book: a poetic diary that records my bodily experience of pregnancy, childbirth and subsequent years. It is a travel log that explores through the tear of becoming a gestating gentle beast.


(m.)ap to cut the winds

Because the line dividing
lucidity from darkness
is yet to be marked out

-Adrienne Rich: ‘An old house in America’


mediumnistic knowledge
women who think with their body

I open a small, round silence. Under its sign, I make as a way of being in the world. I walk in search for branches with eyes and I keep the ones that look back at me. I write the knowledge of the body and I tie them with red yarn.