sleepers 2011

Las durmientes (the sleepers) focuses on the invisibility of the problem of gender violence in Mexico. It is about a series of life-size women, who are asleep or absent, their bodies do not respond. This series was painted in 2011, as an installation for the Brummell Gallery, in Toluca. The State of Mexico is the most violent state for women in Mexico. This series is a silent call to action; a silent cry that urges them to wake up. 

dreamers 2015

This project was continued in 2015 with Los soñadores (the dreamers), that was exhibited in the lobby of the Mexican Senate. The dreamers are not only women,  the restless bodies are crowds, people exhausted on the public transport or resting as best they can at their workplace. There are also nods to the sleep of the opulent people, and their lives of relaxation amidst wealth.