My practice addresses the feminine from within its shadow. My works are -as Audre Lorde says- poetic as well as political acts, exercises of invocation that understand art as a way of reorganizing the symbolic power of things. An interweaving that arises from the reflection on Mesoamerican epistemologies and thinkers such as Gloria Anzaldúa and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, who understand reality not from dichotomous categories, but as complementary ways of existing, in movement; becomings that contradict each other, at the same time that they build each other: "what unites what is below with what is above and what interweaves the opposites (...) allows different people to coexist while maintaining the radicality of the difference." I began as a painter, that was the discipline where I was trained artistically, but embraces other formats and knowledge, trying to expand and question my learning and open myself to other understandings, questioning the patriarchal practice of Painting and producing new work tools. I approach artistic practice from intuition -that knowledge of the body that precedes thought organized in language- based on my own life experience. I find no distinction between art, magic and spirituality. The symbolic and dream universes are fertile ground for imagination and action, in the face of the global crisis of the present.

I am a Mexican painter. I was born in Mexico City in 1983. I studied Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design of UNAM: National Autonomous University of Mexico (2004-08). I obtained my Master's Degree in Art and Artistic Professions at SUR Escuela and Carlos III University of Madrid (2018-20), where I currently live. I won the Acciona Scholarship (Madrid, 2018), and my project "Gritos de Placer y Protesta" was selected to be exhibited at Ca Lambert Gallery (Alicante, 2016). I won first prize at the Gomez Palacio National Painting Biennial (Mexico, 2010) with “Stephanie in green”. Among my recent exhibitions are 'The wind entrusted us with things' on La Isla ZAT, (Madrid, 2021); 'Otredades, contemporary Mexican painting' at the Felipe Santiago Portrait Museum, (Edo. Mexico, 2022); 'Sorority, the other look at art in Mexico' at the Museum of Fine Arts (Edo. Mexico, 2021); 'Embroidering online', Casa d'Alpicat (Lleida, 2021); 'It seems that there are no excellent results in your search' at the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, 2020); 'Recite from the cave', School of Writers (Madrid, 2019); 'We start with a kiss' at the Chopo University Museum, (CdMx, 2017), 'UNAM Biennial of Visual Arts’ at MUCA: University Museum of Sciences and Art (CdMx, 2016); 'Evocations' Museum of Art of Querétaro (Mexico, 2016); 'Migrant Suitcases' at the New Americans Museum (USA, 2015), at Philanthropy House (Belgium, 2014), at the National Museum of Anthropology (San Salvador, 2013) and at the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Mx (2011), among many others. I have presented my work in solo exhibitions such as the performance 'Arrojo' at Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, 2020); 'The sleepers' in the Mexican Senate (CdMx, 2015); 'Inner Look' at the Museum of the People of Guanajuato and in Villa San Jacinto (Mexico, 2016); and 'The Persistence of the Feminine Image' at the University Museum of Sciences and Art, (CdMx, 2011). In addition to my artistic practice, I am also an art teacher and cultural manager. In 2014, I founded the independent artistic space Espacio Fidencia in my workshop in Mexico City. Espacio Fidencia gathered fifty emerging artists in activities such as workshops and exhibitions, throughout the next four years. In 2017 my daughter was born, bringing with her the winds of a new horizon that I explore from my artistic and teaching practice, with a committed and critical transfeminist and anti-racist pespective.

 gentle beast 2023

The gentle beast emerges as a figure from exploring motherhood from its shadow. It is a companion in my journey through different intimate transformations, such as my change of country and my partner's gender transition. It draws its strength from deities such as Coatlicue, Artemisia, Tlazoltéotl and the Cihuateteo. Figures of power that embody contradictory dualities and that live in bordering territories, representing the intersection of opposites. This exploration starts with painting, the discipline where I was trained, but it embraces other formats and knowledge, trying to expand and question my learning and open myself to other understandings, questioning the patriarchal practice of Painting and producing new work tools.

the persistence of the feminine image 2011

I painted these women out of affection or admiration, but also interested in practicing pictorial solutions of the human figure. We build a patient dialogue: the material, the daily practice and myself. I understand contemporary reality and identity construction mediated by media images. The intimate negotiations with femininity and its scope are present in the wallpaper backgrounds, the masks and ornaments; as well as in the poses and looks, which go from being artificial or seductive, to direct, problematic or even painful. My starting point was the work of leading contemporary painters such as Paula Rego, Marlene Dumas, Jenny Saville or Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.