My practice addresses the feminine from within its shadow. My works are -as Audre Lorde says- poetic as well as political acts, exercises of invocation that understand art as a way of reorganizing the symbolic power of things. An interweaving that arises from the reflection on Mesoamerican epistemologies and thinkers such as Gloria Anzaldúa and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, who understand reality not from dichotomous categories, but as complementary ways of existing, in movement; becomings that contradict each other, at the same time that they build each other: "what unites what is below with what is above and what interweaves the opposites (...) allows different people to coexist while maintaining the radicality of the difference." I began as a painter, that was the discipline where I was trained artistically, but embraces other formats and knowledge, trying to expand and question my learning and open myself to other understandings, questioning the patriarchal practice of Painting and producing new work tools. I approach artistic practice from intuition -that knowledge of the body that precedes thought organized in language- based on my own life experience. I find no distinction between art, magic and spirituality. The symbolic and dream universes are fertile ground for imagination and action, in the face of the global crisis of the present.