Upcoming exhibition Saberes Heredados, at  Cafebrería Ad Hoc, cultural space and bookstore in Argüelles, Madrid.

The opening is on Nov 30th and it can be visited until November 25, 2023.

This exhibition on gender and creation, was curated by Monica Sotos and gathers artwork of both Mexican and Spanish artists, from different generations.


From October  6th to 8th, @planetapaula, @unaquedibuja and I will showcase our lesbic fanzines and our collective project el proyecto colectivo fanzinero @mimosas_zine at MiraLookBooks.

Come and see my fanzine What to do if someone you love tells you they're trans, as well as Paula's non-monogamy zines and Malena’s love fanzines. Thanks to Marcablanca Press for the invitation.

Come meet us in Serrería Belga, Madrid.



︎︎ Visibles MAV 2022

dialogue about creative processes with the artists Isabel León, Olalla Gómez and the curator Isa Sanz; thanks to Ana Matey and Iris Nava

︎ Una lectura diferente

art and feminist/anti-racist readings for kids at Ateneo La Maliciosa, by Fundación de los Comunes and Traficantes de Sueños

︎ Los tumbados

Landa Hernández Martínez published a text in Veredes on the series sleepers

︎ ︎ Sororidad: la otra cara del arte

press release and visit to this exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes, EdoMex

︎ ︎ Otredades, yo en los demás

press release and online catalog
of this collective portraiture exhibition at Museo Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez, EdoMex and Museo de Arte de Querétaro; thanks to Aldama Fine Art

︎ Mexican Women Artists Network

 Museo de Mujeres Artistas (MUMA) Mexico

︎ Cover of the book Letras Hispánicas: Identidad y Género

“Hispanic Literature: identity and gender” a drawing from the Catrina series illustrates its cover

︎ Cries of Pleasure and Protest

  at MUMA (Museum of Women Artists) Mexico

︎ Mothers and feminists

  article at Cambio Magazine, México

︎ Evocaciones catalog

exhibition of five contemporary Mexican painters at the Querétaro Art Museum, Mexico

︎ ︎ Gritos de placer y protesta exhibition

press release and talk on the exhibition Cries of Pleasure and Protest, at Ca Lambert, Xavea, Spain

︎  YouTube: Mirada Interior

solo exhibition at the Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato, Mexico

︎  Apúrate Fidencia

interview for ConejoBelga Blog

︎ Timelapse painting

timelapse by Victor Ceballos for the exhibition Mirada Interior

︎ ︎ Maletas Migrantes (Migrant Suitcases)

   press release and catalog of the exhibition at CECUT Tijuana, Mexico; also exhibited in El Salvador; U.S.A. and Belgium; curated by Claudia de la Garza

︎ Video of DF visto por los artistas

video interview for this project of Editorial Travesías

︎ The persistence of the femenine image

TVUNAM informative video on the exhibition

︎ Liliana Ang wins Gomez National Biennal

article from the newspaper El Siglo de Torreón, Mexico

︎ Lenguaraz Magazine

illustrations for its number 18




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